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Nephy's Journal

1st August, 2007. 10:12 am. Writer's Block: In The Money

If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

I'd repay a friend (I knew I was forgetting something) and keep the rest and spend it on candy.

Oh yeah, hi btw. ^_^

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3rd October, 2006. 10:51 pm.


A1 Grand Prix, first race of the season, at Zandvoort Holland.

And I was there!!!!!!!!

41 pictures and 7 short films to prove it!


So yeah, how have you been?

Current mood: sleepy.

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11th May, 2006. 11:17 pm. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First post in a long time and I'm pissed.

"But why?" I hear you ask. Good question.

My brother took a part of my PC without asking.

Not just any part, but a very functional part: the sound card.

I don't even care if he returns it today or tomorrow, he is now banned from my room.


So, what was your great discovery today?

Current mood: pissed off.

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14th February, 2006. 11:01 pm. Wait, what day was it again?

Ah yes, Commercialism Day.

Survived it, yet again, with less aching this year *yay me*.

So, how was this non-descript Tuesday for you? *point*

Current mood: indifferent.

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17th November, 2005. 9:23 am. Hmmm, updates...

Work's keeping me busy.

Winter's coming again, with the usual sets of depression.

I may have found love in the form of a colleague, but I won't persue because of past experiences (ie. 'head over heels', you know what I'm talking about Dawn).

That's about it.

Current mood: blank.

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28th October, 2005. 11:40 pm.

Still alive...not that anyone noticed.

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4th October, 2005. 10:53 pm. News. Some good, some not so good.

Good: my calltimes are shortening.
Not so good: I still need some extra training and coaching.

Good: my contract has been extended.
Not so good: it's only for 6 months.

Good: I received a World of Warcraft trial version.
Not so good: I need a credit card, even to just try the game.

Good: I'm picking up my new car this Friday.
Not so good: ... haven't figured that one out yet.

Current mood: indifferent.

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21st September, 2005. 9:39 pm. Just watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Great movie, loved the effects and overall animation...but the story was kinda lost on me.

But still, great movie.

Current mood: calm.

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19th September, 2005. 12:25 am. Real update...sorta kinda

I did say I was going to do this, right?

"Yes Jacob, you did."

Alright alright...*sigh*

So, as you may be aware, I'm still alive.

"Yeah, I think they got that part..."

Work's keeping me busy. That and games.

"Go on."

And certain thoughts.

"Thoughts? That's it?"

No, not just thoughts. Feelings, too.

*sigh* It must be true. I want something impossible, so that I can re-affirm my low self-esteem. Showing me any kind of affection can send my brain the wrong signals. Making it contemplate the possibility, making me believe it could work out but deep down it, and I both know it couldn't work out.

"And why wouldn't it work out?"

Well for one, genius, she's half a world away. And two, I don't even know if she even has feelings for me. Maybe I don't want to know...

No, not 'maybe', 'definitely' don't want to know. Because I'll mentally break down if she doesn't or mentally kill myself if she does because of the distance. Either way, I'm screwed.

"No, you just wish you were screwed. *ba-dum ching*"

Shut up...even if you're right.

*sigh* So yeah, that's what's been keeping me busy. Right now I'm trying to forget any feelings I might have and consider her 'just a friend'.

Current mood: contemplative.

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17th September, 2005. 12:37 am. bleh

Still alive, that's about it.

Real update soon, I hope.

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